Customer Feature: Tayla

May 20, 2019

Customer Feature: Tayla

We feel very lucky to have met Tayla & her sweet little boy, Western in "real life" and we're so excited to share them with you in our next customer feature. Tayla is an incredible mama & strong woman, raising her boy solo while documenting the highs & lows that come with her every day life.

Please take a seat, grab a tea (or wine, there's no judgement here!) & have a read to get to know more about Tayla & Western.

Tell us a little bit about yourself..

I am Tayla. I am a 21yr old single mother to Western (2). I am a stay at home mum who really enjoys taking photos of my son, of others and the stunning land we’re so blessed to call home. 

 Western is currently undergoing Child development appointments as there is a high possibility he is on the spectrum; I also suffer from a kidney disease called Cystinuria. Because of these small bumps on our path, I am left unable to work and spend most my days with Western, finding new places nearby to explore. 

 I love documenting our journey on my instagram (@taylahutchinson) while doing this. With Hospital appointments, learning to be a mum and all the in between Western is a brand rep to a few small and quite beautiful handmade stores. 

 I will be starting a blog in the coming weeks over on my page and I can’t wait to share all parts of our journey; the good and the bad. I try to be as real as possible and really show people that motherhood is both beautiful, rewarding and exhausting.  

What was the best piece of advice you were given about becoming a parent?

 The best piece of advice I have been given about becoming a mother was definitely; 
“Accept the help when offered as people would not offer if they didn’t want to help.”

 I was always the kind of person to turn down help (even if I was crying for it) because I felt terrible for burdening people. I had PND after giving birth to Western so this advice really changed my perspective on letting people in. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out this. 

 How did you discover Piper & Me and what was the first piece that you purchased?

 I discovered piper and me over a year and a half ago now on Instagram. The Piper & Me Instagram page popped up onto my suggestion list and instantly I fell in love. 

 Western was lucky enough to be chosen to be featured in last years Piper & Me Winter Release photoshoot with a lot of other beautiful reps. 

 Our first piece that we purchased was the Thomas Shorts in Charcoal but now own quite a few pieces as we truly love Piper & Me. 

 What is your favourite Piper & Me piece & how do you like to style it?

 Our favourite Piper & Me piece is the Scout Romper in grey! We love styling it along side the Marley Leggings also in Grey. They’re soft and they’re not too hot or not too cold so they’re truly the most perfect clothing pieces for all types of weather! 

 In winter we love styling our Scout Romper and Marley Leggings with a denim jacket or a thin Cardigan depending on how cold the day is, a mustard beanie to warm up Western’s little ears goes perfect to add a pop of colour and some mustard gumboots to not only match the beanie but are also great for jumping in puddles!

 What would you like to see in the next release for Piper & Me?

 I would love, love, love to see some long legged overalls in the next release. If anyone knows us they know that we’re obsessed with any type of overalls; but to have Piper & Me long legged overalls would bring my obsession to a whole new level.  

 Now the most important question... What tv show are you currently addicted to?

 My favourite show is DEFINITELY ‘Dead To Me’ on Netflix. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini play the main characters. 

I’d love to give you an insight to what happens but I just can’t ruin that for you. If you haven’t seen it definitely watch it or even the trailer. It’s full of many laughs, tears and WTF’s. 

 Follow Tayla & Western on Instagram here:
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