How To UN-MUM Your Mum Uniform with Rachael

April 08, 2019

How To UN-MUM Your Mum Uniform with Rachael

Rachael is one stylish lady. She's got a knack for fashion, and an impeccable personal style. It's near impossible to make the dreaded 'Mum Uniform' seem like anything but a snoozefest, but fear not! Rachael has worked her fashion magic, and thrown together some ideas to help us jazz up the daily ensemble. 

Hello Lovelies! 

Since having children, has your wardrobe changed? Mine definitely did. Suddenly my clothes needed to very practical, I needed to be able to bend over and pick up kids, toys, everything really from the floor, I need to be able carry kids, bags, toys and more for great lengths of time (why don't they ever want to stay in the stroller). I didn't want to flash unsuspecting onlookers with a too low top, too low pants or wardrobe malfunction. And somewhere in the middle of that, it became VERY hard to be inspired by my everyday 'Mum Uniform'. 

You know the one... jeans, a tee and flats. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that combination, in fact it is one of my favourites, but we tend to get ourselves into a bit of a rut when we're wearing the same things over and over! So here is a list of ways that you can UN-MUM your Mum Uniform! 


Instead of reaching for your plain tees or tops, why don't you add a statement to your wardrobe with a slogan, special detail or fabric?


  1. Decjuba Jojo French Long Sleeve Tee $59.95
  2. Birds Nest That Bird Label Lola Bell Sleeve Top $119.00
  3. Ally Fashion Hux Balloon Sleeve Shirred Top $47.24
  4. 4. Seed Heritage Twist Front Textured Top $69.95
  5. Cotton On Classic Rolling Stones T-Shirt $19.99
  6. Gingham & Heels Next To Me Blouse $69.00
  7. Decjuba Wanderlust Rope Tee $59.95
  8. Decjuba Noir Beaded Tee $69.95 


Who says jeans have to be boring! Add some details like distressing, a paperbag waist, button details OR go big with a colour or pattern! Functional AND fun! 



  1. Ally Fashion Dancing With A Stranger Jeans $39.74
  2. Target Sophie Skinny High Rise Ankle Length Jeans (stripe) $39.00
  3. Target Sophie Skinny High Rise Ankle Length Jeans (red) $39.00
  4. Target Alexa Straight Crop Distressed Jeans $39.00
  5. Decjuba Animal Print Skinny Jean $109.95
  6. Birdsnest Boho Bird Wild Herd Stitched Jeggings $129.99
  7. Birdnest Mason Jean $59.95
  8. Forever New Heidi High Rise Ankle Grazer Jeans $89.99 


Accessories... such a dirty word when you have children. Immediately you think of pulling, getting in the way, more pulling... but the right ones won't cause headaches I promise! In fact, a scarf can hide food stains smeared on you by a child, act as a towel or blanket or even if you're feeding! And what could make a mum bun cute? Accessories of course!


  1. Ally Fashion Leopard Print Scarf $5.99
  2. Ally Fashion Kayla Fedora Hat $11.99
  3. Ally Fashion Karlie Scarf Scrunchie $3.74
  4. Birdsnest Dots with Dashes Scarf $35.00
  5. Birdsnest Sky Scarf $79.00
  6. Birdsnest Elsa Cap $29.95
  7. Forever New Evanna Multi Resin Hair Clips $16.99
  8. Colette Hayman Gunmetal Diamante Cross Hair Slide $7.99

I hope this has inspired you to find fun in fashion again, even if you have to be functional. Let me know how you go un-mumming your mum uniform!

Rachael xo

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